What is unbundled legal help?

What is unbundled legal help?

“Unbundled” legal help is a method of providing clients with just the amount of legal services they desire for a fixed, transparent price.  Unbundled legal services are also known as “limited-scope services,” “a la carte legal services,” and “disaggregated legal services.”

In Colorado, unbundling has developed as a common-sense alternative fee arrangement that benefits both attorneys and clients.  Principally, unbundling allows clients who have to represent themselves to get competent and affordable legal advice when they need it.  By offering unbundled legal services, Colorado attorneys can deliver legal services that fit the budget of average Coloradoans.

Under Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2(c) “[a] lawyer may limit the scope or objectives, or both, of the representation if the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances and the client gives informed consent.”

Basically, this means that unbundling requires both the attorney and the client to mutually agree to limit the scope of the attorney’s representation to specific tasks.  It is important to understand that with most unbundled legal services arrangements, you are ultimately representing yourself, but get added guidance from an attorney or help from a lawyer on a specific task.

How can unbundled legal services make family law cases more affordable? 

Unbundled legal help allows clients to determine exactly how the lawyer works for them, which means clients only pay for the help they need.  Clients aren’t paying for unnecessary motion hearings, work the client could do themselves, travel costs, or any other work that’s not critical to reaching a solution. Unbundled legal help provides transparent legal advice for the things that you actually need to be accomplished.

Unbundling may include:

  • Coaching for court hearings and mediations
  • Help with understanding the important legal issues presented in your case
  • Drafting and review of important legal documents
  • Advice on how to reach a settlement with the opposing party

For unbundled legal help with your divorce or custody case at an affordable flat rate in Colorado, schedule your consultation today.


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