Wills & Trusts

A will or trust is simply a document that provides your instructions for what should happen to your property and money when you die. What’s important to understand is that wills and trusts are not just for the wealthy or the elderly. If you want to control where your stuff goes, you should have a will, no matter the size of your estate or your age.

If you have minor children, a will can also specify who should become the children’s guardian, and a trust will set up financial support for your children. Your will can also indicate who should look after your pets.

Although it’s not pleasant to think about death, creating a will or trust helps ensure your wishes are followed. They can also help alleviate some of the stress family members may feel while still breaving. Creating a will or trust is often less difficult than you would imagine and doing so will give you and your loved ones much-needed peace of mind.

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