What is an estate and do I have one?

What is an estate and do I have one?

“Estate” sounds very fancy and like it only applies to those with substantial wealth, but all of us actually have an estate. What’s in our estate and what it’s valued at will certainly differ, but we all have an estate – even if they are humble!

An “estate” is everything a person owns at the time of their death. This includes the things people commonly think of like a house, bank account, or vehicle, but an estate also includes things like furniture and household goods, personal effects, and jewelry. And here in Colorado, of course, pets!

Even if you don’t own many things or the value of those things may not be a lot, you have an estate. If those items are important to you, it’s important you plan what should happen to them when you die.

To make it easier on your family and friends, it’s helpful to leave instructions for how your estate should be disbursed upon your death. You provide these instructions through a will or trust.

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