Core Values

Lester Law is built around four core values. These values direct every decision I make. Staying focused on them helps me be the best advocate for my clients.



Access to the law should not be only for the wealthy. Individuals with modest means deserve affordable access to legal services. No matter a client’s financial situation, Lester Law will find a solution that works.


Meeting with your attorney should not be a hassle. You should not have to jump through hoops to talk to your lawyer. Lester Law provides flexible scheduling and multiple means of communication to make legal help within reach.


Situations requiring an attorney can be challenging enough. Getting the legal help you need shouldn’t cause additional anxiety. Lester Law uses simple-to-use technology and uncomplicated terminology to make things easy.


Time is money. And an attorney’s time is a client’s money. Lester Law gets things done, always looking for ways to work more efficiently without sacrificing quality.