Legal Checkup: Don’t Start a New Year Without One

Legal Checkup: Don’t Start a New Year Without One

As you jump into the new year, it’s prudent to reflect on the year that was and the changes you may have experienced. While at the time, life events can be joyous or somber, many can also have long-term effects that you may not realize.

Take a moment to consider whether you experienced any of the following events in the past year:

  • Got married
  • Got divorced
  • Had a child
  • Adopted a child
  • Lost a child
  • Lost a parent or sibling
  • Received child support
  • Provided child support
  • Bought a home
  • Sold a home
  • Acquired a large asset
  • Disposed of a large asset
  • Inherited money or other valuable assets
  • Acquired a large debt
  • Enjoyed significant appreciation of an asset
  • Changed jobs
  • Started your own business
  • Welcomed a grandchild or great-grandchild
  • Moved in with someone
  • Were diagnosed with a serious health condition
  • Lost contact with a trusted friend
  • Acquired a new life insurance policy
  • Became a trustee
  • Became a beneficiary of a trust

If you experienced one or more of these events last year, you may want to get a legal checkup to ensure everything looks “healthy” and continues to meet your personal goals.

Lester Law currently offers complimentary legal checkups to review your legal health.

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